Stephen has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals get what they want out of their business and their career. His commitment, advice, assistance and wealth of experience gets so many people and teams across the line.  

Stephen has worked his way through life holding his first jobs as a 15 ; studied so many things;  working  from the bottom up as a storeman to National Management roles; Did "stuff"  from the Prime Minister's Office through Multinational Channels to the local takeaway shop; Small things and larger things (taking businesses from zero to $2M a month in less than a year). 

Stephen's way is through Service. Service to you the client, your people, the market ... working hard and smart  however it takes shape  ...  for the outcomes everyone deserves.

And he has all this energy + commitment ... 

Stephen has helped accomplish over 200 of his projects’ major business goals. He inspire everyone to be the best they can be.
— Roberta Lettieri, Founder of Tukan

What has been Achieved - over 40 years 

In Financial Results  For Direct Personal Effort:

  • No 1 in Australia Remington 
  • No 1 in Australia Xerox 
  • No 1 in Australia Protech
  • No 1 in Australia Texas Instruments 
  • No 1 in Australia Toshiba 
  • No 1 in Australia IPC 
  • No 1 in Australia eGlobal
  • No 1 in Australia Webgain
  • No 1 in Australia Borland
  • No 1 in Australia Filenet

It is fair to say Stephen  has been  pretty good in  sales and sales management. He has transformed the process of Business Development to fully  committed  ways of  achieving  outcomes. 

Other things: 

  • Helped put the internet in to 43 towns across South West Queensland
  • Owned and partnered in several excellent businesses including : Design; Print; Web Development;  Marketing ; A Bar; Real Estate; Business Consulting; 


Coached  100+  businesses to grow  between 10 to 1000% per annum through: 

  • Systemisation 
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Coaching 
  • Business Community Contacts
  • Transformational Thinking
  • Camaraderie
  • Team Training 

Helped untold numbers of people to give more to their careers and  get more out of every day. 

Tender strategies and responses have yielded millions of dollars in:

  • Private Enterprise
  • Local Government 
  • State  Government  & 
  • Federal Government 


A better life - for many